A town fails to heed the apocalyptic warnings of a strange creature that appears fascinated with their garbage.
Monologue. Young female.

The relationship between a pregnant cleaning woman and her 10-year-old son, yet to be born. He wants to come out, an event she has not yet decided.
One woman, one boy.

A man writes and mails a letter to his first love every day for the past 20 years. Today, his wife asks him to address it to her. Published in “35-In-10: Thirty-Five Ten-Minute Plays” by Dramatic Publishing.
One man, one woman.

“The evening’s best work, and its most touching, is Mark Guarino’s Anchors of Love … which paints a fresh, heart-rending picture of the generation gap through a storytelling session between an embittered old man and his bright young grandson … Again, the situation is familiar, but its development, in which characters from the grandfather’s stories literally drift in and out of his memory, is novel, and the dialogue has a freshly minted sound.”
– Chicago Tribune

A young boy asks for a story from his grandfather. The grandfather starts to tell a happy tale from his past, but his past has other plans for him.

One woman in her forties, one man in his sixties, one boy plus assorted silent, memory characters.

Under a night sky, a man and a woman rotate through an entire relationship while manipulated by a ghost and his white sheet.
A man, a woman, a ghost.

On a date at an art museum, a couple enters the frame of a painting to visit life on the other side.
One man, one woman, one clown. With music.

Sent on a mission by The Chairman at the top of the government, two FBI agents interrogate a silent man dressed as “The Christ” to determine if he is the One.
Two men and one woman.

A president of a powerful nation plans air strikes after lunch and leaves his press secretary to face the music.
Two men, one woman.

Two age-old friends begin to question their commitment to each other.
Two men.

A couple discusses an unnerving date the previous night at a concert.
Two characters.

An encounter between two homeless strangers over the course of a single night.
Two men.

An older man encounters a younger woman in a park. Together, they battle their respective memories of loss.
Two characters.